B*tch, Trick, Hoe: That’s Not My Name! by JASON SMITH at jls360.com B*tch, Trick, Hoe: Why should any man be using these words towards any woman? What makes a man think he can call anyone out of her name. No woman should be called anything derogatory. More importantly, why are women still in verbally abusive relationships? […]

Legs covered in skin-toned stockings, her skirt crisp to the knee, Patty Davis slips on the black heels she has shined for the day. “Got to look good in the Lord’s house,” she says as she spritzes her neck with White Diamonds perfume and exits her black Lincoln Town Car. Davis, 46, of Union City, […]

by Dr. J In this game of life I don’t make the rules.  In fact, there are very few rules.  Have you ever heard of someone who lied on their resume, job application, or just generally misrepresented themselves on a legal document?  I know a few men who still live in Syracuse, NY, no matter […]

10 Uplifting Songs For Women by Women As women, there are some shamefully negative stereotypes that proceed us as it relates to how we treat others — especially women. We’re catty, we’re competitive, spiteful, we can’t get along, and in general — just too damn emotional. Add that to how hard it is to just […]

From the time we are little girls, women are mentally trained by society, family and random images we see in the media of how a woman’s life should be, how she should behave and what she should and should not value. Any woman who does not follow suit is thought to have a skewed train […]

I’ve never really considered myself a “hustler.”  The word to me just didn’t sound lady-like.  Every time I heard it, it was being used by one of my boys or one of my less-than-delicate girlfriends.  I guess I just never took to the idea.  Even though Jay then Cassidy made the hustle into hits, for […]

Ok … So I was asked to write this column with the idea of giving you my opinion on love, relationships, spirituality and stuff like that.  Every week the beautiful ladies of Madame Noire send me a topic and I just say what I want and then they give it to you.  So here it is. […]

Written by:  Mason Jamal on Twitter By now, most of us have heard portions of the Melle Mel Gibson mix tape. It’s straight lunacy. But you have to admit his freestyle skills are a gift. Hopefully, Mel sent Satan a thank you card. After all, in order to separate yourself from the person you love […]

Do Women Encourage Men To Be Dogs? While surfing the web, I came across a chat board that posed the question whether women encourage men to be dogs? Blank stare. There were actually men who stood by this idea and argued it passionately.  He went on to say that when women dress seductively they are […]

The Heart Association came to The Radio-One annual Health Fair to share with us the number one killer of women in America and what women can do to prevent it. HEART DISEASE: Choose to Reduce Your Risk Stop Smoking How Can I Quit Smoking? How Can I Handle the Stress of Not Smoking? How Can […]

What’s Your Number? Sharing Your Sexual Past Post by yeahshesaidit in HelloBeautiful Original What’s your number? This is a question that women ask each other and usually feel comfortable enough to answer honestly. That same comfort ability sometimes deteriates when the person posing the question to her is her significant other. Why is that? Why […]

As much as you may want him sexually. He may not be what you need. Feel free to add on your advice in the comment section. Check this out ladies.