ZANESVILLE, OH (WOIO) – New details on the exotic animal release in Zanesville that ended with the death of dozens of wild animals. The six animals that stayed in their cages and survived the release could be headed back to the farm as soon as today. Marian Thompson is the widow of the man who […] ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Amid expressions of horror and revulsion at the killing of dozens of wild animals in Ohio — and photographs of their bloody carcasses — animal rights advocates agreed there was little local authorities could have done to save the dangerous creatures once they began roaming the countryside after their owner released […]

ZANESVILLE, OH (WOIO) – Two animals remain on the loose in Muskingum County, including a monkey and a wolf. The monkey is a Rhemus Macaque from Asia, about 30 pounds, and considered very dangerous. Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz says the animals owner, Terry Thompson, released more than 40 exotic animals from their cages Tuesday evening, before committing […]