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Will someone please explain to me what’s wrong with Wesley Snipes.

Blessed with good looks, acting talent, lots of money and worldwide fame, Snipes is spending more time paying lawyers and fighting a losing battle in court instead of kissing beautiful leading ladies on camera and adding to his fortune.

Snipes, who is out on bail, is fighting a 2008 conviction on tax evasion because of an alleged jury bias. Two jurors have stepped forward to say others on the panel decided the case without hearing any evidence.

Prosecutors also are accused of hiding damaging information about a key witness from the jury.

It makes sense that the ‘Blade star is trying everything in his power to beat the 2008 conviction, which carried a three-year prison sentence for failing to file several years of tax returns.

What doesn’t make any sense at all is starting a fight with the IRS by even thinking of not paying taxes. That money-saving idea generally doesn’t work for regular folks. It certainly won’t work for a popular, highly paid black actor.

The government said Snipes owed nearly $3 million in taxes on almost $14 million in earnings.

I know one of the easiest things in the world to do is talk about someone else’s money, but I can’t resist.

Why would you threaten a big pile of money fighting the government over a little pile of money? It makes no sense.

I wish Snipes all luck possible in his fight with the feds, but of all the ways to squander talent, time and good fortune, not paying the government its share is one for the books.

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