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Erica Campbell surprised a group of deserving public servants and community activists from the Radio One family. Awardees were nominated and voted in by their peers which won them $1000, two tickets to the NAACP’s Image Award, hotel accommodations, and a personal meet and greet with the Grammy-award winning gospel star! Receiving several hundred nominations and […]

  If you are a senior with custody of a child under 18 then the Cuyahoga County Housing Authority has a new option available to you in the Fairfax community.  Mathew Myers spoke with Cortney Kilbury and Carolyn Gaiter about the Fairfax Intergenerational Housing option.  Click on the “Play” button below to hear the entire […]

    If you are a homeowner who is struggling to hold on to your home then the Save the Dream Ohio program may be the lifeline you need.  Recently Antoinette Smith of ESOP spoke with Access Cleveland host Mathew Myers about what the Save the Dream Ohio program is and how ESOP can help […]

  The CEOGC wants to help you and your family feel well! Recently Betsy Schaefer and Matt Gilmore of CEOGC spoke with Access Cleveland host Mathew Myers about the upcoming Family Wellness Carnivals that are coming to our area.  There will be tons of fun activities that will focus on wellness and that the whole […]

  Star of Eve’s Bayou, Roll Bounce, Tyler Perry’s Temptation, and HBO’s True Blood actress Jurnee Smolett spoke with Access Cleveland Host Mathew Myers recently about her life growing up as an actor, her role on True Blood and what we can expect on this upcoming season, and why she believes it is important for […]

It’s been fun watching Tatyana Ali grow from her role on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air into the stunning actress that she is today.  Recently she spoke with Access Cleveland host Mathew Myers about her role on the Fresh Prince, her work with the White House, and her return to music.  Check out the full […]

  The deadline to sign up for the health insurance is fast approaching and many still have questions.  Mathew Myers was joined by the Former Governor of Kansas, a native Ohioan, and the current Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to discuss the Affordable Care Act and what it means to Ohioans.  Click […]

  This week Cleveland legend Don King announced a big fight that he is bringing to the city.  Sam Sylk had a chance to sit down with him to talk about that, his return to Cleveland, Mike Tyson, and much much more!  Click the “Play” button below to hear the entire interview:     Make […]

  Dr. Steve Perry is not only the Principal at Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut, he is also an author and host of Tv One’s “Save My Son”.  Recently Dr. Perry spoke with Mathew Myers about how public schools can improve, what things are holding schools back, his book “Push Has Come to […]

  As the season changes and the weather gets colder, it is very important to protect yourself from the flu.  Recently, Dr. Martin Portilla spoke with us about influenza, the flu shot,  how Molina healthcare members can benefit from free flu shots, and much more!  Click the play button below and hear the entire interview: […]

  There is a huge resource in our community that is dedicated to helping Clevelanders acquire life skills that will help them live better lives.  We are talking about the PNC Fairfax Connection and it is located in the heart of Cleveland’s historic Fairfax community at 8220 Carnegie Ave.  September 28th marks their one year […]

  This week on Access Cleveland Mathew Myers sat down with three Chefs and the General Manager of Soul Republic United Restaurants to talk about the one thing we all love to do… EAT!! Click on the “play” button below and hear Chef Eric Wells, Chef Leceeon Terrell, Chef Eric Rogers, and Akin Affrica speak […]