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93.1 WZAK
6555 Carnegie Avenue
Suite 100
Cleveland, OH 44103

Office Hours: 8:30AM-5:30PM
Contest Winner/Prize Pick Up Hours: 10:00AM-5:00PM

Office General Info: 216.579.1111
Office General Fax: 216.771.4164
Listener Request Line: 216.578.0931
Listener Toll-Free Request Line: 866.781.0931

<strong>Station Management</strong>
Eddie Harrell Jr. – Vice President
Bill Black – Operations Manager
Elisabeth Logan – Director of Sales
Tara Thomas – Marketing Director

Office Phone: 216.579.1111
Office Fax: 216-432-1625
Bill Black – Operations Manager
Assistant Program Director | Music Director: Rochelle Frazier

<strong>Marketing/Promotions Department</strong>
Office Phone: 216.579.1111
Office Fax: 216.771.4164
Marketing Director: Tara Thomas
Promotions Director: Rohnesha Horne

Sales Department
Office Phone: 216.579.1111
Office Fax: 216.771.4164
Elisabeth Logan – Director of Sales
Errol Dengler – General Sales Manager

If you’d like more information on our Corporate Offices, contact:
Corporate: Radio One, Inc.
President, Alfred C. Liggins, III
1010 Wayne Ave.
14th Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20910