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A family in Elyria, Ohio claims that local police raided the wrong house, and as a result, caused injury to their already sick toddler.

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Colon cancer can be prevented with regular screening and early treatment. Learn about your choices for screening and what's best for you.

UH Cutler Center for Men offers a visionary approach to men’s health and wellness, plus a personal concierge experience.

With an average lifespan of seven years less than women, comprehensive and preventive care for men is essential.

Pregnancy-related conditions such as gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes may disappear after childbirth, but they still increase a woman’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease later on in life.

A better understanding of preeclampsia, how it is treated, and whether you are at risk can help you safeguard the health of you and your baby. Untreated, this condition may threaten both mother and child.

Jermaine Dupri, the man behind the legendary project has sat down for an interview to ease the minds of those who want the documentary to go away.  

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb and Cleveland Police Chief Drummond stopped by the WZAK studio today to talk with our very own Sam Sylk and Bijou Star!