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Brett Favre is set to testify in a deposition about his involvement in the welfare scandal for the Mississippi Department of Human Services. The post Brett Favre Set To Testify In Deposition About Involvement In Mississippi Welfare Scandal appeared first on NewsOne.

The Cleveland Browns lost in embarrassing fashion to the divisional rival Baltimore Ravens on Sunday... and DJ HazMatt isn't too pleased about it!

Krayzie Bone has just updated his fans following an emergency hospitalization that lasted more than a week.

With plenty of Homecomings right around the corner, we put togethera list of things you should avoid saying to DJs at parties!

Issa Rae has been appointed as the 2024 American Black Film Festival (ABFF) creative director. Read more inside.

Idris Elba’s incredible work ethic has caught up with him. The British actor was recently on an episode of Annie MacManus’ Changes with Annie Macmanus podcast and revealed that his workaholic lifestyle has led to him attending therapy for about a year. “In my therapy, I’ve been thinking a lot about changing,” he said. “It’s not […]

If photos from Donald Trump's civil fraud trial are any indication - and they are - the GOP presidential candidate was bigly mad amid more proof he "falsely inflated his net worth by billions." The post ‘Bigly’ Mad: Donald Trump’s Civil Fraud Trial In 10 Fantastically Furious Photos appeared first on NewsOne.

It’s been a little over two months since Bronny James suffered cardiac arrest resulting from a congenital heart defect that sent him to the hospital. Now, LeBron James is finally opening up about the scary incident. Amid the Los Angeles Lakers media day, James gave a peek into Bronny’s recovery and revealed he underwent surgery. […]

The saying ‘Nice Guys’ Finish Last, was originally coined as baseball commentary to describe a team ending up in last place in the league, but has transcended sports and become a common phrase in dating, romance, and everyday life. It's often used as an excuse for rude or dishonest behavior and a reason why some men feel they get ghosted on dates.  But let’s take a moment to take a deep dive into the age-old saying and figure out who is really responsible for ‘Nice Guys’ finishing last. The post Amanda Seales Reveals The Real Reason Why Nice Guys Finish Last appeared first on Black America Web.

LeBron Ready For 21st Season LeBron James is entering his 21st NBA season. The legend will turn 39 in December and will play against opponents half his age while trying to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to their 18th championship in franchise history. In an interview Monday, James said, “I think it all starts with […]

Hulu released a trailer for the upcoming family drama, murder mystery series, “Black Cake.” Watch the trailer inside.

Durand Bernarr, a trailblazing queer musician, shares his "My First Time" story on work ethic he learned by touring with Earth, Wind & Fire. The post My First Time: Durand Bernarr Recalls Learning Work Ethic On First Tour With Earth, Wind & Fire appeared first on Black America Web.