About Stowe

Since 2010 Allen Stowe II has been living a dream he never knew he had by being a multi-media professional. Allen has gained a plethora of experience in broadcasting and media including, radio, television, marketing, even being a director at a trade school teaching and leading aspiring journalists, broadcasters, and media professionals. Allen is a Columbus, Ohio native that believes you can be whatever you want to be from anywhere in the world. Growing as a professional and gaining experiences in life, Allen began publishing his own books including; ‘What Were You Thinking?: The Guide to Becoming a New Thinker, Sermons for the Struggle, plus more. Allen is looking to inspire the next person that is paying attention to become the best version of themselves that they can. He firmly stands behind the principle and lifestyle of inspiration and education through creative media platforms. Being an on-air talent for Joy 107.1 is something that is a full circle accomplishment for Allen because as a child he listened to the same station just a different frequency. You can find out more about Allen by listening to Joy 107.1 or on his site, www.theallenstowe.com

Senayt Fekadu, local businesswomen and entrepreneur. Senayt is the owner of the Crispy Chick and Access Tax Service. Senayt moved to Cleveland in 2003 beginning her career at TCA Financial, as the regional manager for business development which paved the road to her entrepreneurial beginnings. In 2006, she made her mark in the tax industry with her first company, ProTax...

Wayne Dawson, one of the most beloved and successful broadcasters in Northeast Ohio television history. Wayne grew up in the Glenville and East Cleveland neighborhoods of the city graduating from Shaw High School. Wayne then attended Tri-C and Kent State in pursuit of his journalism career. Mr. Dawson joined then Cleveland’s Newscenter 8 in October […]

Donald has served as the Superintendent of Warrensville Heights City School District for the past seven years, increasing its enrollment and improving its academic standing. The district enrollment increased by 22% while being the first in Ohio to improve from an F to a C on the school accountability report card.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States.


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If you’ve had your cholesterol checked, you might wonder how important your cholesterol levels are for determining heart disease risk.

While most people rely on their blood pressure or cholesterol numbers to manage their heart health, another test may be even better.


While some people assume – or hope – that regular exercise will offset the negative effects of unhealthy eating, that’s not the case.


Water is great for hydration, but for longer events, other types of fluid are important for replenishing the body.


We deliver compassionate, specialized services that positively impact people! There is a way. Moore Counseling & Mediation Services, inc. (MCMS) is a confidential, compassionate, responsive, and professional organization which provides services in mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, mediation, employee assistance programs and professional development. MCMS has been delivering services to the communities we […]

While they can occur together, anxiety and depression cause different symptoms that require an individualized treatment approach.