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Daily SMH: Convicted Murderer Posts Facebook Prison Party Pictures

by Andreas Hale

If this isn’t a cause for concern, I don’t know what is.

If this isn’t a cause for concern, I don’t know what is.

Justin “Jus N Walk” Walker is currently serving a 30-year sentence for killing an Oklahoma Sheriff. The Aryan brotherhood gang member who was convicted back in 2001 may be serving his sentence in a Tulsa, OK prison, but that doesn’t mean he can’t party like a rock star, does it?

Apparently not because “Jus N” has been posting pictures on his Facebook page (yes, prisoners use Facebook too) where he is smoking weed, posing with weapons and drinking alcohol. The pictures (which are down now so don’t go looking) show Walker having what seems to be a good time behind bars as he poses with fellow inmates and takes a hit from a massive bong. Even worse, the pictures were uploaded from his Blackberry. Yes, a convicted murderer has a cellular phone in prison.

The department of corrections vows to take action but we’re just wondering how this happened in the first place.

What’s more troubling here? The fact that a convicted murder is dumb enough to post pictures of illegal activity in prison on Facebook or the mere notion that he’s been able to not only use Facebook, but also has access to a knife, weed and liquor.

What’s the point in locking him up if he’s going to kick it like he’s outside of prison walls. I thought that’s what jail is all about. You know, taking away all the liberties you had when you were a free man. We’re sure there are some jealous homeless people right now trying to figure out how to get to jail.

Seems like a fun place to be.

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