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Comic-actor Sinbad has been around forever, it seems, but despite his many years in the business, not much is widely known about his personal life. For instance, you might be surprised to know that Sinbad and his wife, Meredith, divorced and remarried. You might be surprised to know that Sinbad had a wife in the first place – or two grown children, Royce and Page.

Thanks to the magic of reality TV, you’re going to discover almost all there is to know about Sinbad and his family. His WEtv show, “It’s Just Family,” is set to debut on Tuesday, April 12 at 10 p.m.

Sinbad’s two children are pursuing their own careers in show business – Paige, 25, is a singer, and Royce, 22, is a composer who also dreams of being a film director and sci-fi author. As both “kids” are living at home, it’s a chance for them to pursue their dreams without having to maintain their own households –  something that doesn’t always sit well with their father.

“It’s Just Family” also provides some insight into Sinbad’s life after his hugely successful years as a standup comedian and co-starring role on the popular ’90s sitcom “A Different World.” Things were great, and then they weren’t, as Sinbad struggled with tax issues, being “killed” online and a 1992 divorce.

When it all went wrong, he regrouped, got rid of the 30-person entourage and went back to standup. Remarried to his wife since 2002, Sinbad is one of the few men who can say “Meet my former ex-wife.” Where’s his relationship book? (Hopefully, the show will also provide the answer to how a man can get into IRS trouble when his wife is a full-time accountant.)

Six one-hour episodes of “It’s Just Family” will air on consecutive Tuesday nights, beginning April 12. For more information on the show, please visit

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