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When a good friend expressed to me this was one of the best books she has read in a long time; I picked up my kindle and downloaded “What A Sista Should Do” with the quickness!

Just the title alone had me intrigued. Hmph….as we all balance life, work, relationships, kids, and sister-friends we are faced with the “What Should I Do Syndrome” on a daily basis. In the book Pam, Yvonne, and Taylor have their how “WSIDS moments,” read how they work through their obstacles with faith and sister-friends.

A powerful and spiritually satisfying novel from a compelling new voice about three courageous women who must confront the harsh realities of their lives through faith and prayer. Pam Lyons has a husband who places more trust in money and marijuana than in God. Yvonne Hastings is a minister’s wife whose husband’s infidelity and physical abuse brings their marriage to a crossroads. Taylor Johnson is a single mother who is looking for a good Christian man to help raise her son, but is unable to rid herself of the guilt left over from her promiscuous past. The secret of Taylor’s child’s paternity is the catalyst for the tumultuous relationship between the three women. Together, they will learn unforgettable lessons about love, forgiveness, prayer, and sisterhood.