5 Things to Know About Vacay Hook Ups


Stay safe during a summer fling.

-Amber Madison,

For many of us summer means vacation. And vacation means the possibility of summer flings. Whether you’re at the beach, on a cruise, or at a cabin on a lake, these are the 5 things you need to know about hooking up on vacay.

1. Pack Smart.  

Just like you pack your Alka-Seltzer and Copper Tone in preparation for your vacation activities, be sure to pack your Trojans and birth control in case those activities take a turn for the sexual.  

2. Remember Your Standards. 

You’re on vacation, not your last fivr days on earth.  Just because you’re feeling carefree doesn’t mean you should be so carefree that you’re ignoring your standards. Don’t go sleeping with some kinda nasty guy you’re not really that into just because you’re away from home. And if you’re not the kind of girl who enjoys having sex in casual situation, don’t think that being on vacation is going to change that. In order to have the most fun while you’re away, stick to the same standards you would have at home.

3. Have a Wing Woman.  

Two heads are better than one always—and especially when you’re on vacation.  Always go out with a friend, keep tabs on one another, and if you decide to go off with a guy, make sure you tell each other where you’re going and who you’re going off with. Also serve as a review board for each other’s potential hook ups, and take a stand if a guy or situation seems sketchy. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and often our gut has a way of telling us something that our minds might brush away. If something about a situation makes you feel uneasy, pay attention to that feeling, and get out of it (or speak up if it’s your friend).

4. What Happens on Vacay Doesn’t Always Stay There.  

“What happens in Vegas stays here” is an advertising slogan, not reality.  The choices you make on vacation can affect both your body and your mind way after you get home. What does that mean, sexually speaking?  Make sure you use a condom if you’re going to have sex. Be on a regular form of birth control.  And if the unexpected happens and you end up having unprotected sex, know you have the option of Plan B to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Be smart about the choices you’re making. Because STDs, pregnancies, and emotional regrets are all things that will travel on the plane home with you.

5. Take Your Fling for What It Is. 

One thing that should stay on vacation (but doesn’t always) is the fling you met there. Flings are fun, and it’s completely romantic to meet someone while you’re away. But the reality is, many flings are best left as just that. When you meet a guy on vacation you’re both carefree and wrapped up in the moment. Once you get back to your real lives, it’s very likely that the bond you felt while on the beach taking tequila shots doesn’t translate well over to reality. Yes, there is the option of staying in touch, and possibly even sparking up a long distance romance. But your best bet is probably to kiss goodbye, take the experience for what it was, and leave your vacation with a smile.

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