Upgrade Your Life: Must-have smartphone add-onsBy Jared Spurbeck | Upgrade Your Life – Wed, Jul 20, 2011

Logitech Tablet Keyboard ($56.78-$71.99)

The rise of tablets like the iPad has made people realize that sometimes, the virtual keyboard just doesn’t cut it. If you want to write a long note or email, a full size QWERTY keyboard is much better. So Logitech created a wireless keyboard, for these tablet needs. But did you know you can use this Bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone or Android smartphone the same way? Just pair the keyboard with your phone the way you would pair a bluetooth headset, and start typing. Your phone’s screen may be small, but for taking notes or writing long-form on the go, this is a great solution.

Omnio WOW-KEYS Full-Size Keyboard ($87.98-$98.95)

Many people use an external keyboard that plugs into your PC or Mac, to get a better typing experience (especially on laptops). The Omnio external keyboard adds another layer of connectivity, with a slot for your smartphone to plug into. Then you can just press a button to switch between typing on your computer and typing on your phone! That way you can type out a text message, for instance, with an actual keyboard.

This one’s only for the iPhone and iPod Touch. But it charges and syncs your iPhone or iPod Touch while it’s plugged in. It also lets you use its screen as a number pad, or a multi-touch touch pad.

Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID ($99.95)There are a lot of Bluetooth watches out there with screens and controls and the like. There are even kits to turn the new iPod Nano into a watch. This Bluetooth watch, however, is as retro as that phone handset; it even has analog hands. And when you get a call or a text message, it vibrates and shows you the name and caller ID. It’s back to basics, with this must-have add-on for your smartphone.

Scosche FlipSYNC II Keychain Charger ($8.17-$14.99)

Who hasn’t lost their charging cable at some point? The Scosche keychain charger stays with your keys, so you always know where it is. And its compact design means that there are no wires strewn everywhere, except when your smartphone is charging. You can even sync your iPhone through it.