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Tonex has transformed.

From his life as a minister and ex-fornicator/who else knows what, back to an even more flamboyant sort. His new hobby is a pop/soul recording activist with the new name “Diesel.”

He was a Gospel guy, giving the Christian community what they wanted, but he just couldn’t resist his calling. In 2009 he came out as an openly gay Gospel artist and he believes he was born that way.

In an interview with Essence magazine, he shared his controversial thoughts about sexuality.

“Is your gospel career a thing of the past?”

When it comes to the genre, yes. Unfortunately I was pigeonholed into that genre even though I felt that gospel music could very much so cross over to mainstream. Formidably and exclusively, yeah that part is over. There will always be a spiritual core to what I do and you will still feel that light and that love in my pop and soul music.


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