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Musician and radio personality Keith Sweat is sharing his advice on love and relationships in his new book Make It Last Forever: The Do’s and the Don’ts.

The title pretty much explains the whole concept of the book. As Keith told S2S, “It’s about what you should do in your relationship and what you shouldn’t do in your relationship to make it last forever.” The “Nobody” singer hooked up with erotic novelist Zane, who is also the creator of the steamy adult cable series “Zane’s Sex Chronicles.” “She gave me a deal so the book is coming up under her and her company.” The love handbook, which will be published by Simon and Schuster, will be released in early 2012.

One thing Keith talks about in the book is for women to be vocal about what they like in bed. “Ladies, tell your man what you like. Don’t expect him to already know.” her urged. “Now, most women feel that telling a man how she wants to be made love to–she feels that might hurt a man’s ego. But a real man is acceptable to a woman telling him what she loves and what she doesn’t like in the bedroom.”

He continued, “If she doesn’t tell him what she likes and he continues giving it to her the wrong way, nine times out of ten she’s gonna go somewhere else and get it from somebody that’s giving it to her the way she wants it.”

Keith is also releasing his new album, which is currently untitled. “It’s not going to be called Open Invitation because Tyrese has the same title and we didn’t know that so we have to change it,” he Keith explained. “It’s either ‘Til the Morning or High As the Sun.” Until recently, neither Keith nor Tyrese knew they shared the same title.

Between dropping his new album and preparing to launch his book, Keith has been on his grind with his syndicated radio show “The Sweat Hotel” on Premier Clear Channel. The show is now heard in 49 markets. Keith is also the host of the WBLS’s “Quiet Storm” in New York.

You can’t look at Keith and not think of the R&B supergroup LSG. When asked where he thought the chart topping trio would be if Gerald Levert, (The “L” in LSG. The “S” is Keith Sweat and the “G” is Johnny Gill) were still alive, Keith told S2S, “We’d probably be working on a fourth album by now. Me and Johnny have talked about doing another LSG album together. We talked about that. Even going on tour with another LSG album.”

Keith went on to say, “I miss Gerald for real because he was like a brother to me. And he taught me a lot in this industry. He taught me a lot of things that I would not have known. I would have to say him and his dad. Him and Eddie have taught me a lot of things that helped me you know create the legacy that I have.”