Taye Diggs releases a children’s book. Taye Diggs is an actor from Broadway and television, “Private Practice”. He has added children’s book author to his resume.

The real-life dad wrote “Chocolate Me!”, a fiction book that shows children how to fit in with others who are different from themselves. The story is about a young boy who is teased for looking different and he tries to fit in with his peers. “You should be proud and embrace your differences regardless if its race or religion or if something is looked upon as a handicap.” Diggs told “USA Today” about his inspiration for the book. The book,” Chocolate Me!” is published by Feiwel and Friends. It is illustrated by Shane W. Evans who has illustrated “Black Jack: The Ballad of Jack Johnson” and “Osceola: Memories of a Sharecropper’s Daughter.”

I think “Chocolate Me!” sounds like a good children’s book. Everyone needs to be sensitive and aware of others feelings. I hope Diggs emphasizes that you treat others as you want to be treated. I think when you go to another country to live or visit, you should learn the language and customs. You shouldn’t expect to have everyone else cater to you, your language, and holidays from the old country. You should be respectful of others such as not throwing trash on the ground and learn how to be a good citizen and neighbor.

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