Take it off! Er…maybe not.

Regis Philbin let his freak flag fly on Thursday. He also ripped a hole in the space-time continuum. How, you ask? By stripping off his shirt at the request of “Jersey Shore” star Snooki.

“Guidos usually don’t wear ties,” Snooki had told Regis. “You should like, take off your shirt and then it would be more Guido.”

Kelly Ripa (who dressed up as Snooki last year for Halloween) told Regis to take off his shirt and just wear the tie over his bare bod.

And —unbelievably, insanely, jaw-droppingly— that is exactly with he did.

“You’re getting naked?!” Snooki asked as she nodded her head with approval. The audience was wondering the same thing. “Let this happen,” Ripa begged Regis. And boy, did it. We wonder what Joy Philbin must be thinking.

To see the video, click on the link:

Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post