A man whose wife delivered premature twins at the very same hospital where power pair Beyonce and Jay-Z had their girl is outraged that the couple’s security team kept him from seeing his ailing baby.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby Blue Ivy Carter was delivered via C-section Saturday evening at New York City’s elite east side Lenox Hill Hospital.  Meanwhile, according to New York’s Daily News, Neil Coulton‘s wife, Rosalyn, (both pictured below) delivered twin girls, who had to be placed in a neo-intensive care unit (NICU) on the hospital’s sixth floor.  Reportedly, the songstress had given birth near the NICU and spent $1.3 million to redecorate and seal off a wing of the floor, which included adding bulletproof glass and a phalanx of security.

According to Coulton, he was repeatedly kept from seeing his children by security guards, and on one occasion, he was held back a whopping 20 minutes from visiting the NICU just because the pair wanted to use the hallway.

“I know they spent $1.3 million and I’m just a contractor from Bed-Stuy but the treatment we received was not okay.  My wife is just terribly upset.  She had a C-0section.  She gave birth to twins.  She is sore.  Nobody needs this,” Coulton lamented to the Daily News.

Coulton claims that the sixth floor waiting room was also cleared and that a few of his relatives — some traveling as long as four hours — had to vacate it because the superstar pair’s security gave them the boot.  Now the blue-collar dad, who is clearly up-in-arms about the blatant class distinction snobbery tactics is seeking an apology.

When News One contacted hospital rep Anne Silverman about the allegations of the bully tactics used by the Carter’s security force, mums the word.  “We take patient confidentiality very seriously here at Lenox Hill and we do not divulge the identity of any of our patients.”

Hmmm…I guess $1.3 million could make quite a few folks close-mouthed and turn-a-blind-eye towards the foul stuff that might be occurring right up under  their noses.

Do you think Beyonce and Jay-Z should have taken such extreme security measures at the hospital?