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*A coalition of Black activists has launched a national campaign they call “Occupy ‘Red Tails’” to spur Americans to go see the monumental George Lucas production of “Red Tails” which based on the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Judge Kevin Ross, Michael Ajakwe, Najee Ali and several others are petitioning Americans across the country to recognize those who fought to maintain American freedoms and privileges.

For over 23 years, Lucas has been trying to tell the story of the courageous Black pilots who transformed the makeup of the military, but Hollywood wasn’t having it.

So the big time filmmaker decided to tell the story, using $90 million of his own money to make and market the film.

Through “Occupy Red Tails,” the activists hope to make a statement to industry big wigs, letting them know the people are interested in real drama, real stories, stories about Black America.

The movement will begin today, Friday, Jan. 20. Below is the plan of action they suggest:


Step 1 – Select a date and show time between Friday January 20 and

Sunday January 22, 2012 to see the film “Red Tails”.

Step 2 – Purchase tickets in advance online at to

insure that you can see the movie on your chosen day.

Step 3 – Use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and any other social media sites

to encourage your circle of family, friends, and colleagues to join you on

the day and time that you’ll be there. And please try to persuade people to

change their profile page to promote the movie.

 The activists note that some individuals have shared their plans to dine before or after the showing of the movie at minority owned establishments to make the experience even more meaningful. Although not required, the coalition says  this is highly recommended for those who plan on discussing what they believe is the significance of “Occupy Red Tails.”

Article Courtesy of EURweb