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Hollywood didn’t want to fund a movie with an all-black cast because they didn’t think it would be successful. Were they right, or did we prove them wrong…?

It was do or die time for black movie lovers this weekend. #WeFight! #WeFight! #WeFight!

George Lucas kicked out $93M (budget and marketing) of his own money to make “Red Tails,” a risky move especially because the mostly Black cast doesn’t include Will Smith or Denzel Washington.

If the film is #1 it’ll be a major victory not only for George Lucas but the Black community.

Lucas has been developing the project for about 20 years. None of the studios wanted to fund the war movie about the Tuskegee airmen, reportedly because they didn’t think a film with a mostly Black cast would make enough to justify the $58M budget. (the most EVER spent on an all black cast)

So far according to Underworld Awakening is leading with $9.4 million on Friday, for the 9 year old old franchise.

Red Tails launched is surprising to hollywood execs at #2 with a better than expected $6 million on Friday. Saturday the movie took in $8.6M. It’s estimated to take in $19 million for the weekend which is not bad – just to give you something to compare it with 2. Sony’s TAKERS last year did $7.5M on Friday, Saturday $7.7M and total Weekend $20.3M.

Lots of folks are at the movies today (Sunday) so we will see if RedTails can keep the momentum.

Here are 5 REASONS to see the movie if you have not already.

5. Get an early star on celebrating Black History Month which is just days away…

4. Sticking it to Hollywood who didn’t want the damn movie because they didn’t think people would want to watch

3. Sexy Chocolate allll over the screen… ladies you’l love YUMMMM & men you’ll love all of the action.

2. For the many times you’ve complained about those Madea movies, the success of this movie paves the way for more expensive films about minorities with substance.

1. The Tuskegee airmen! Wouldn’t it be great if the underdogs won again but this time at the box office? It’s a shame they fought racism and war back in the day and we’re still fighting but now in subtle ways like funding important projects for long and overdue stories of bravery.

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