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Uh oh! Rumors are swirling NBA star Carmelo Anthony was involved in a hot affair with a 19 year old! Asia Monroe says 27 year old Anthony initiated a 2 month fling after contacting her on Twitter and later told her he “wasn’t happy” in his marriage with wife 32 year old LaLa Anthony. Earlier this month, Monroe tweeted a picture of herself dining out with Anthony, seen below, at a spot in Brooklyn, which fueled rumors of the superstar dipping out on his two-year marriage.

In an interview with MouthToEars, Monroe claims Anthony repeatedly told her he “liked her legs” during the dinner date, “he said something like ‘he wanted my legs wrapped around him.’”

The young lady, seen below, goes on to allege 27-year-old Anthony reached out to her as recently as last week, as well as revealing information on a model side piece he keeps holed up in Atlanta, Georgia. Below are alleged emails and text messages between Asia & Melo…

It gets worse, in the email below, Melo allegedly tells Asia she’ll get more gifts if she keeps their affair “on the hush.”

The couple has been together for 8 years and have a 5-year-old son (Kiyan Carmelo Anthony).

Ironically, during the season two premiere of their reality TV show La La’s Full Court Life on Monday, a paranoid LaLa confronted her husband’s pretty new personal assistant after suspecting him of cheating with her, threatening to ‘cut’ her if she laid a hand on her husband.

Source: BlackMediaScoop