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A personal trainer who called himself ‘Danger’ has been accused of using Craigslist to stalk women and ‘torture’ them.

35 year old Dejon Miller, from Hollywood, allegedly used the advertising website to recruit female models to pose for his fitness website.

But when they responded he would verbally abuse them and beat them, it is claimed.

Miller was arrested after his girlfriend went to police claiming he had beaten her until she lost consciousness in an attack that police described as ‘torture’. ‘The victim actually did lose consciousness and probably was really close to actually passing away,’ LAPD Det. Brandy Arzate said.

While he didn’t give details of the abuse, he added: ‘It was very unusual techniques that he would use. Something as a detective that I haven’t come across before.’ His charges include attempted murder, false imprisonment and spousal abuse. His bail was set at $1.3 million.

The woman said she met Miller after responding to an advert on Craigslist looking for fitness models. But police are also probing five similar claims by other women. ‘If you Google him, he’ll look legit,’ Det. Azarte said. ‘But the reality is if the women do end up in a relationship with him, there is a strong likelihood of abuse.’

On his website,, Miller tells women: “Let’s face it, all a woman really wants, is to be excitingly appealing and glamorous, right? If you want to be appealing you need the body. If you want to be exciting you need to be scene. If you want to be glamorous you need to be in style. Now with Dejon “DANGER” Miller’s creation of sexyisback!com, you have all 3 elements synergistically fused together to provide the ultimate experience of sexy.”

On his other website,, he adds: ‘As a trainer, I like to keep things professional, realistic and a lil’ funky at the same time – which you’ll notice by my tattoos, many body piercings!’

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