It may have seemed like a well-orchestrated plan, but comedian-turned-author Steve Harvey admitted he never expected his bestselling book to become a film.

“For anybody that thinks that I have the mindset to write a book that I’m going to turn into a movie, you gotta be nuts. That’s an impossibility,” he told “The View” co-hosts. “I just really wanted the book to be No. 7 on the bestseller list. That’s what I was hoping, and it got on there for 60-something weeks.”

Steve gave credit to God for the success that’s come from his first advice book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which is now a feature film coming to theaters this month.

“That’s when God does you a favor,” he said, giving credit to the higher power for taking his dream to the next level. “He just dropped a blessing on you. I just wrote the book, and really, I had no idea it was going to be a movie,” he said.

Steve also described what fans can expect from the film, which follows four couples who have all been affected by the book.

“One of ’em is a mama’s boy ’cause a lot of women run into men who are dearly in love with their mother, a little too much for your liking. Then, there’s the strong, independent, lonely woman chapter that I wrote in the book, who meets a guy who’s not quite where she wants him to be. She has to make a decision. Then, there’s the girl who’s trying to hang on to her standards and there’s this guy coming along trying to pressure her for the cookie and the goods before she’s ready, and she wants to hold out. Then, there’s the guy who’s just the consummate dreamer