Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose is getting ready to be a dad later this year.


The 23 year old basketball star has been going out with his girlfriend Mieka Blackman Reese for about 4 years. You go girl!

The 24 year old stylist (seen below) is several months pregnant.


Mieka’s younger sister broke the news on Twitter — She tweeted how she enjoys “rubbing her sisters [pregnant] belly”

Baby rose should arrive in October. The two met at a party in Chicago several years ago.

Rose’s high school sweetheart, SEEN by many with Rose recently is NOT taking the baby news very well.


Word on the street is that his high school girlfriend Dana Lambert seen with Rose on the left of the photo above isn’t giving up until he puts a ring on the new chic’s finger. Ladies you know even then she’ll likely not give up until she can get a piece of that contract money. We’ll see what happens next!

Oh yes that’s Michael Jordan’s son on the right with Dana’s twin sister Dona. Don’t get us started.

Again you can keep your gifts LOL! In December, Rose signed a 5-year, $94.8 million contract extension with the Bulls and a $260 million Adidas endorsement deal.