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Police are stumped as to who’s behind a pair of Mississippi highway murders, but they have some ideas:

It is believed the killer impersonated a police officer so that he could pull over the two drivers, who had been travelling separately along quiet roads late at night, according to reports.

Over the course of three days, two people were found dead in their cars.

Both cars were found on remote stretches of highway and neither appeared to have had mechanical problems, Reuters reports.

They’d been shot in the early morning, and there were no witnesses, police say.

“There’s only two people that could give us any information on what’s happened and, it’s sad to say, but they can’t answer any questions at this time.”

If not a fake cop, the killer could be pretending to have car trouble, officers note. “This is stuff you see off of TV. It’s not something you see in Mississippi,” a coroner says.

“We urge everyone to be cautious while driving, especially at night,” the Tate County Sheriff’s Office posted on their Facebook page.

“If someone attempts to pull you over with flashing lights and you feel unsure of stopping, DON’T PULL OVER. Use your cell phone and dial 911 and if it’s a real officer then the dispatcher will confirm it for you and if it’s not a real officer they will send help to you.”

“Our deputies have been told not to overreact if someone does not immediately pull over,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “Your safety is our primary concern.”

via BMS