Sean Hannity landed an interview with George Zimmerman and his attorney Mark O’Mara and it aired last night. Zimmerman and Hannity have spoken in April, off the record, at the urging of Zimmerman’s attorneys. Hannity’s angle this time around is telling Zimmerman’s side of the story.

Zimmerman discussed with the Fox News host his inner most thoughts as he reflected on that night in February when he shot unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin in Florida. When asked if he regretted anything from that night, including getting out and following Trayvon Martin, the self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman said, “No sir. I feel that it was all God’s plan and not for me to second-guess it or judge it.”

God’s plan. We many not ever know what’s truly a part of God’s plan, but murdering teenagers doesn’t really sound like something God would have written in his date book. This isn’t even the craziest thing that escaped George Zimmerman’s murdering lips. Oh and these six quotes are only from the first 20 minutes. So there’s much more bull to be heard.

Here’s some of the more interesting George Zimmerman quotes from Sean Hannity’s Interview:

1. “I felt he [Trayvon Martin] was suspicious because it was raining.”

2. When Zimmerman was asked what he meant on the 911 call when he said, “I don’t know what his deal is,” he replied, “The way he was coming back and I was on the phone, but I was certain I could see him saying something to me. His demeanor, his body language was confrontational.”

3. “Maybe I said he was running. He was more…yes. He was skipping, going away quickly, but he wasn’t running out of fear.” [Even though it’s recorded on a 911 call that Zimmerman said Martin was RUNNING.

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4. When Hannity asked why he followed Martin, Zimmerman claimed, “I meant that I was going in the same direction as him to keep an eye on him so I could tell the police where he was going. I didn’t mean that I was actually pursuing him.”

5. Hannity asked Zimmerman why he was distracted on the 911 call and Zimmerman responded, “I wanted to make sure that–I believe they asked me for my address. I wanted to be sure that nobody was lingering and could hear my address and come back. I was making sure there wasn’t anybody that would surprise me and I wanted to give an accurate location.” Then, Zimmerman asked on the 911 call to have the police call him when they wanted to get an accurate location. He then backtracked on his “accurate location” claim by saying, “I hadn’t given them a correct address. I gave them the clubhouse vicinity, however I was walking through to my street and I was going to give them the correct street number and name.”

6. “I believe he [Martin] knew–from what the investigators told me–he knew that I was talking to the police. I was yelling and I believe the police officer was there but they couldn’t find me..”

7. When Hannity mentioned there was no witness of the actual shooting, Zimmerman smirked and said, “Correct, besides myself,” and even chuckled a little.

Those are words of a cold blooded killer, in my opinion.

Watch Sean Hannity’s full interview with Zimmerman below:

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