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Meagan Good’s sultry Hollywood image has come under increasing scrutiny in contrast with the actress’s personal beliefs on celibacy and the christian union she just made with her new husband. Meagan obviously isn’t oblivious to the backlash that followed her somewhat controversial Burlesque bachelorette dance and in an interview with Just The Fab, the newlywed spoke on that criticism as well as the overall idea that you can’t be a christian and still in tune with your sexuality. Here’s a bit of what she had to say:

On her burlesque dance

“I almost didn’t do it because I knew there would be backlash but I can’t let people control my life and if God does not convict me about something or tell me that it is wrong… Regardless of what anybody thinks, I have a personal relationship with God. We talk and we speak and I don’t feel convicted about it and so I have to do what’s in my heart and I can’t allow people to manipulate my direction.  […] I’m getting s[w]exy and all that but there is a way to do it, there is a classy way to do everything  and there is nothing wrong with being s[w]exy or having sex appeal and I think that I am definitely going to be someone who is boldly going to go out to the masses and be someone who say, ‘ Look! Women it’s okay to do this, that and the other’, because I don’t like [how] sometimes people who are religious will try and force everyone into a box and judge them.”

Her reaction to the criticism

“It really hurt my feelings when I saw some of the comments because Tia Mowry had did the cover of Vibe Vixen and she had an itty bit of cleavage and they like ripped her to shreds, [saying]  ‘We thought she was Christian….’

“She is a Christian, she loves God so because she showed some cleavage she loves him less? I mean, to me, it was like it’s not right and you know God gave us these body parts not to go and show everything to everyone but its okay to be s[w]exy and to be comfortable with your sexuality and I think there’s kind of a line that gets blurred and I’m very bold about speaking out about it.”

Yes she is. Sounds like Meagan’s bottom line is only God can judge me. Do you agree? Can sexiness and Christianity go hand-in-hand?

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