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CLEVELAND – They say that the weather forecast is the most important item to the majority of TV viewers in any newscast. A new study may give us an indication as to ‘why.’

The Trojan Company just released a survey that links hot weather and stormy weather to increased sexual activity. According to the survey, seven in 10 Americans have had sex during extreme weather, ranging from a thunderstorm to a tornado. A little precipitation, apparently, can also do a lot for the mood as 80 percent of Americans say they have had sex during a rainstorm. The survey found that 83 percent of Americans rate rain as the best weather condition for intimacy.

Respondents in hotter climates report being intimate more times per year than those in colder climates. The average amount of sexual activity in Miami is 102 times per year. Atlanta residents follow close behind at 88 times per year.  Colder cities like Minneapolis (64 times per year) and Seattle (75 times per year) report lower rates of sexual frequency,

So, what temperature is best for love-making? Respondents identify 68 degrees as the ideal indoor temperature for sex and 70 degrees as the ideal outdoor temperature. Four in ten Americans have braved the elements and gotten it on outside on a rainy day.

Respondents who had sex in the rain outdoors (by city):

1. Houston 47%

2. Denver 43%

3. Miami 41%

4. Phoenix 40%

5. New York 38%

6. Atlanta 38%

7. Chicago 37%

8. Minneapolis/St. Paul 36%

9. San Francisco 32%

10. Seattle 26%

Article Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5