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There’s a good chance that Chris Tucker won’t be in the next installment of the Friday franchise.

The Internet has been buzzing with rumors that he could be returning to the franchise that made him a star. Speculation about another installment of Friday has been pretty prevalent, and Chris joked that he was the last one to find out. “They know it before you know it. Someone said, ‘Hey, man. I heard you’re doing another Friday.’ ‘No, I’m not,'” He recalled. “Man I’m doing everything. I said, ‘Okay. I didn’t even know I did that.'”

To satisfy everyone’s curiosity, though, Chris did admit that another Friday is in the works, but his role in the film is not definite yet. “I don’t know. I talked to Ice Cube because it’s such a big rumor and people get mad if you say you’re not doing something so I’m real careful,” Chris said on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” “Me and Cube, we’re talking about it—they working on a script.” Although Friday is one of his favorite movies, he added, “We’ll see what happens, but I doubt it.” 

Chris also hinted that another Rush Hour sequel could be on the way! “You know what? We’re working on something. We always wanted to do another one,” Chris revealed. “Hopefully it all comes together because I love Jackie and I loved doing those movies so we’ll see what happens.”

When Tom suggested that another Rush Hour movie could easily rake in $20 million, and Chris was okay with that. “Oh, man, $20 million is good for me. I can go through $20 million like $20, though,” Chris said. “I don’t how what happened. I made a lot of money and I thought it was all mine. I forgot about the I.R.S.”

Speaking of the I.R.S., the comedian kept it real about his tax troubles, and he made it clear that he’s not trying to dig himself any deeper.  “I’ve bought everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m not buying no more cars, no more houses,”  Chris said. “Me, Jermaine Dupri and Toni Braxton are getting a condo together so I’m saving my money. I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted to do.”