*Ah, all flings weren’t meant to last, not even Shaq and Hoopz.

Yeah, the cute big and tall couple broke up for real this time.

Hoopz confirmed the tragic news with The Boston Globe. Supposedly they split up over the lady’s dream to become an Olympic gold medal gymnast.

She was serious about her new goal and even visited the Orlando Metro Gymnastics facility to speak with a coach about making it to the 2016 Rio Games.

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But the gym broke it to her saying she’s too much of a liability since she’s over the age of 18. Hoopz flipped out and cursed out the staff, according to Black Sports Online.

Sources say she got so obnoxious that even her man, well, ex, was embarrassed.

By the time the couple was back in the car, a yelling match ensued, and they broke up.

And that’s all folks.


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