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Translucent powder is a definite necessity for achieving a smoother and more flawless look when it comes to make up application. So this Health/Beauty Wellness Wednesday, we will discuss the benefits of translucent powder and how it helps to give you a flawless finish.

Translucent Power Is:

Translucent Powder is a powder that consists of a finely milled powder based makeup. The powder is usually found in the form of a loose powder but it can also be purchased as a pressed powder As the powder is finely milled, it is usually light in color as well as light to the touch.

Ingredients In Translucent Powder:

Translucent powder can be made of natural minerals or non-natural ingredients. Many translucent powders are skin enhancing powders that hold such properties as such as moisturizing and anti-aging. Translucent powder is a very versatile power and is usually made in a nude color that can applied to a variety of skin tones. This allows for the powder to blend easily with the skin.

Translucent Powder’s Purpose For Your Make Up Look:

Translucent power is known for its ability to control oil and shine. The power gives a matte and even finish to the skin. Many women strive for an “airbrushed” look or a look that creates the illusion of flawless skin; translucent powder aids in that. The powder is usually applied with a soft-bristled brush or a sponge.

How to Apply Translucent Powder:

Make sure you consult with a beauty or make up expert on great ways to apply translucent powder. Generally, translucent powder is applied in a sweeping motion. Making sure you avoid your eye area, brush the powder on your forehead, cheekbones, chin and overall face. This application style allows for a matte finish. Check with a skin care professional or health care specialist to address special needs and sensitivities for your skin when choosing a translucent powder.

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