It seems the more clever a political yard sign the more attention it gets.  But do supporters want all the heat that come with the territory?

“I put the sign up today,” boosts Judd.  He only wants us to call him Judd and only say that he lives in Chagrin Falls.  “Anything could happen, you don’t know who’s going to see it and react.”

Judd’s homemade yard sign is catching a lot of attention.  It reads, “A Republican for Obama.”

You see Judd met Mitt Romney while volunteering at the Salt Lake City Olympics, and it’s what lead to his sign.

“There was something very fake about him,” he recalled.  “I stand back, I don’t trust him, he’s just not a trustworthy individual.”

For every pro-Obama sign you’ll find the anti, like this one in Westlake, put up by small business owner Bill Farr.

“I wanted to get my message of that our country is not being steered in the right direction,” said Farr standing in his driveway.  His sign reads, “Obama is killing America and the American dream.”  And on the other side, “Obama is an economic terrorist” — but are these signs going too far?

“No I don’t think it’s going too far because First Amendment rights say that we can have freedom of speech,” according to Farr.

To show that haters are both republicans and democrats, each of these sign owners knows retaliation is an expectation.

“Mail in my mailbox that was basically Obama supporters saying my sign was inappropriate,” said Farr.

Judd expects a little worse, “I expect somebody to come by see that sign and take a baseball bat to it.”

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News