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The biological mother of star quarterback Colin Kaepernick is longing for a relationship with her son she gave up for adoption 25 years ago.

44 year old Heidi Russo, a nurse in Denver, placed her baby in the care of the Kaepernick family back in 1987.

Colin now plays for the San Francisco 49ers and is fast becoming one to watch on the field. After getting his first NFL start against the Chicago Bears during Monday Night Football last month, Kaepernick scored two touchdowns, crushing the Bears’ tough defense and drawing high praise from the 49ers head coach.


Ms Russo has been following her son’s growing celebrity status from the stands but longs for a deeper relationship with him and often comments on his Twitter profile.

Although she has had contact with Colin in the past, her son seems reluctant to build a relationship. Colin was born on November 3, 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Ms Russo. He was adopted at six weeks’ old by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick from Fond Du Lac and has two siblings.


As he grew up, the Kaepernicks sent Ms Russo pictures of Colin until contact fell away when he was around 7 years old.

Ms Russo’s desire for a relationship has not so far been reciprocated by Colin. When she initially emailed him as an adult, the footballer sent a few messages asking about his father with whom Ms Russo has had no contact since her son’s birth.

She met with the Kaepernick family 3 months ago when the 49ers played the Denver Broncos but has had little interaction since.

Ms Russo, who now has an 8-year-old son, told Mercury News: “If and when he changes his mind – he may never change his mind – I’ll watch him from home. When I have a chance to get out to a game, I’ll watch him from there.”

She has respected his wishes, adding: “I made my call on Colin a long time ago. I have to live with that.”


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