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The nasty divorce battle between Deion and Pilar Sanders is one made for a day-time soap opera.

In an interview last month, Pilar discussed her role in building the Deion Sanders brand: “…He became who he is not by his own merit, he became who he is by the grace of God and by the grace of God putting me with him because let me tell you sweetheart, out of the 14 years that mama’s been home, I haven’t been sitting around eating bon bons, I’ve been building our family brand. I’ve been building up Deion Sanders because why not? He’s my husband. You’re the brand we can market the most and market right now. So once you think you got your feet down and your ears dry, you want to go act a fool. Okay, go ahead, but you know, you’ve got to answer to somebody,” she said.

Well, it appears as if her estranged husband is lost without her because he seems to be struggling to stay on top of phone calls/emails and payments as it pertains to his legal team. On New Year’s Eve, his legal team filed legal documents quitting the divorce proceedings and requesting to be withdrawn from the case — despite winning many victories for the former athlete. They cited an inability to “effectively communicate with their client” and that Deion is “unable to pay his attorneys pursuant to the terms of the employment agreements with his attorneys.” Deion and Pilar are due back in court on Jan. 9 to resolve their custody dispute. Will Deion be able to pull it together before then?

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