Tempers flared at a Cleveland City Council caucus meeting on Monday afternoon.

Members were considering a request by a retired councilman to return, and angry words were exchanged over his “double dipping.”

Councilman Kenneth Johnson retired at the end of the year, and now wants to come back. It allows him to collect his retirement and his $74,000 council salary.

This is a situation, as Mr. Johnson said, which 100% brought about by the actions of the state legislature.

Under council rules, Johnson can suggest his successor.  He suggested himself sparking the debate over embracing his double dipping by reappointing him.

This council has never been put in this position in my 35 years.

In the end, the Caucus voted 14 to 3 to recommend to the full council that Johnson will be reappointed.

The suggestion didn’t sit well with longtime Councilman Michael Polensek.

A total of three council members voted against accepting Johnson’s request to come back, Dona Brady, Brian Cummins and Polensek.  If they don’t vote with the group tonight at council, they are excluded from future caucus meetings.

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News