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Nicki Minaj denied any rumors that the feud between her and fellow “American Idol” judge Mariah Carey has been faked. She did, however, say that it comes from a place of passion for what they’re doing on the show, and it’s nothing personal against Carey. As she’s said before, Minaj reiterated on “The Tonight Show” that she is a huge admirer of Carey.

“I’m one of her biggest fans in the world,” she said.

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Of the feud in particular, Minaj explained a little about what’s happening during their arguments. “A lot of it starts off like we’re joking, but passionate and both crazy,” she said. “And then sometimes it just goes, ‘Roar,’ and you can’t really stop it.”

While Minaj admitted that she has had a temper in the past, she hopes to have left it behind her in 2012. That means, of course, that her temper could be on full display during the early rounds of the competition, which were filmed in 2012. As for the future, things get tense during live shows, so fans will just have to tune in to see how well she keeps it under control.

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