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Ice Cube has spoken out about the next and final installment in the “Friday” series saying it will get made whether Chris Tucker is involved or not.

Rapper Ice Cube chatted with the HuffPost recently where he opened up about his latest CD, Everythang’s Corrupt, and discussed upcoming movie projects involving NWA and the Friday series.

While discussing the Friday movies, Ice Cube addressed comments Chris Tucker made about “doubts” that the “magic” will still be there.  He said you can’t comment on whether the “magic” is there when they’ve haven’t begun filming or even tried anything out.  Cube added that “One person isn’t going to stop the show.”    Hmmm…we guess that’s a nice way of saying Chris can be replaced…if he doesn’t act right.

He also talked about an upcoming movie he’s producing about NWA and who he wants to play him. Here are the highlights:

Are there any updates on production of the NWA film?

They wasn’t on the set of the NWA movie. I don’t know where they was, cause we’re not even filming that yet. We’re still in the casting process, and it’s a Cube Vision Production. We’re still working on casting and the script. I haven’t seen the photo, but I can guarantee you that wasn’t where it was from unless they were location scouting. So you know, it’s a thing where I want everybody to be involved with the movie in some capacity — all of the members, so everyone is welcome.

Who do you want to portray Ice Cube?

My son, O’Shea. He looks like me, and he can rhyme. He knows Ice Cube better than any actor, and I think he can do it. So we’re going to have him audition and hopefully he’ll show that he has the skills.

Fans are also anticipating the next and final installment of the “Friday” franchise. And earlier this year Chris Tucker admitted that he has “doubts” about the magic still being there. What are your thoughts?

Well, my magic is still here so the movie is going to get done. The movie is going to be funny, and it’s going to live up to all the long-anticipated wait. I would hope that he’ll be a part of it. He’s more than welcome to be a part of it … It’s a trip, because you’re looking and somebody says that “the magic is not even there” who’s never even tried it.

We put the first one together and we can put another one together. So he should really trust that, and do what his fans want him to do. You should never out grow your fans. And if the fans want him to do this movie, that’s what we’re in this for, then that’s what he should do.

Do you have a tentative release date for the film or are you still writing the script?

Nah, it’s written. We’re just really waiting for New Line Cinema to give us their notes, and then the ball gets rolling from there to the next phase. So we really haven’t offered anyone the movie [roles] yet, until we can get the movie green lit, and get a budget. Then that’s when we can go after everybody that’s on the script and see if they’re down. But for whoever’s down, the movie is going to get made and the movie is going to be funny. One person isn’t going to stop the show.

Everythang’s Corrupt will hit stores in January 2013.  Check out Huff Post’s full interview HERE


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