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CLEVELAND – Gary Haws went to one of his favorite Cleveland gas stations earlier this month, but claims he was given an unexpected surprise at the pump.

Haws reports he was charged $6.24 at the Gas City location on West 14 Street without pumping one drop, an incident that forced him to contact management for a refund.

“I put my credit card in and followed the prompts, selected my grade, put the nozzle in my tank, and I looked back at the pump and it was reading $6.24,” explained Haws. “Simultaneously the lady on the other side of the island was reading money without pumping the gas also.”

Haws said the clerk at the gas station was responsive, but contacted the 5 On Your Side Troubleshooter unit after waiting 10 days for a refund.

“I didn’t pump a drop, it didn’t move my fuel gauge at all,” Haws told NewsChannel5. “I went in along with the lady that was on the other side of the island and explained it, and as I said they didn’t charge her credit card, but mine has been charged.”

NewsChannel5 contacted gas station management, and Mr. Haws was issued a $6.24 refund within 24 hours.

“Take a look at the condition of the pumps that you’re pumping gas from, and the surroundings,” urged Haws. “We’re consumers and we’re spending our hard-earned dollars, and we expect to get what we pay for.”

Consumers should contact their city or county division of weights and measures if they suspect gas station pumps or prices are inaccurate.

Motorist can report on gas stations in Cleveland by calling 216-664-3388, or they can get on the Bureau of Weights and Measures website , and fill out a consumer complaint form.

Inspectors in Cleveland issued the following advice for motorists when at the pumps:

• The posted price on the street sign must be the same as the posted price on the gas pump for the grade and type of service selected (full serve, self serve, cash/credit).

• Before fueling, dollar and gallon amounts on the pump should be set to zero. The receipt should match the amount indicated on the pump, and motorists should take receipts with them.

• Multiplying the gallons purchased by the price per gallon will insure that the dispenser is correctly computing the price. This can be done at the station with the gallons indicated on the pump, or with the gallons indicated on the receipt, even at home afterwards.

• The vehicle tank capacity in a car’s owner’s manual is only an estimate, and gas tanks may hold more than the stated capacity to allow for expansion of the fuel in hot weather.

Contact the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer’s Office Weights and Measures Department at (216) 443-7035, when reporting gas stations that are outside of Cleveland but within Cuyahoga County.


Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5