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A building in downtown Philadelphia has collapsed and authorities fear that multiple people may be trapped beneath the rubble.

As many as 10 people may currently burried beneath the collapsed structure according to Lloyd Ayers, Philadelphia Fire Commissioner and a frantic search is underway.

“There are firemen, police, construction guys digging out because I  believe people are down there. It’s crazy right now,” said Corey Vey who  works nearby.

At least a dozen people have been rescued already, according to eyewitnesses.

Skyforce10 is over the scene at 22nd and Market Street. One of the structures located at that property is the Salvation Army Thrift store.

At least two people have been taken away on stretchers. There are dozens of paramedics and fire crews on the scene. Rescue crews are digging through the debris to see if anyone is trapped beneath the rubble. Workers have come out of nearby buildings and into the street to watch.

“I’ve never encountered anything like this before anytime in my life and I don’t want to see it again,”  Vey said. He was driving down 22nd Street right before Market and saw the building come down.

“I feel really lucky, that brick landed in my passenger seat,” Vey said. “Lucky for the rainguard on my window that saved me from getting hit.”

Market Street is closed from 20th to at least 23rd Street right now.

Fire officials say the building next door to the collapse was under demolition. According to the demolition permit from Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspections, that building was a four-story structure. The demolition contractor on the permit is Plato Marinakos, Jr. of Hamilton Street in Philadelphia.

Stay with us for the latest developments in the story.

Via NBC Philadelphia

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