CHAD JOHNSON TO BE RELEASED from Florida Jail Today after the butt slapping incident!

Chad Johnson will be a free man today because the judge who sent his “butt slapping’ ass to jail has agreed to release him, 1 week after sentencing of 30 days for probation violation.

Johnson appeared in a Florida courtroom today … where he faced off with Judge McHugh — the judge who tore him a new one after he slapped his attorney’s ass in open court during last week’s hearing. Johnson was brought into the courtroom wearing handcuffs … and from the moment the hearing began, the judge blasted Chad for his history of disrespectful behavior. But after the scolding, the judge agreed to release Johnson today — but extended his probation by one month … meaning he won’t be in the clear until October 16. During today’s hearing, the judge also revisited the 2012 domestic abuse incident involving his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada — and said what he did to her was “horrific.”

Chad Johnson’s Lawyer Seeks Cut in 30-day Jail Term!