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During a recent interview to promote her new talk show “The Real,” Tamera Mowry-Housley revealed that she waited until she was almost 30 to have sex.

“I don’t know how to explain this. I’m religious, so I waited until I was 29 to lose my virginity,” the actress said on New York City’s Hot 97 radio. “You may not understand this [but] I did it, then I felt guilty, then I became celibate until I got married.”

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Tamera’s co-host Adrienne Bailon chimed into the conversation and said “just because you only had sex with one person doesn’t mean you’re not a freak.”

“I think people think that you could only be a freak by doing it with a bunch of people. You can be a freak and just be a freak with one person. That is beautiful and dope,” she said. “I think that that’s a good thing.”

Tamera agreed. “I will tell you this; you want to know what’s so funny? They had a sex therapist [on the show] and guess who knew everything,” she asked while pointing herself.”

In a previous interview, the 35-year-old said she and her hubby Adam Housley wanted to do things God’s way.

“We wanted to make sure that this relationship was what God wanted for our lives. [In order to know] if we are meant to be together, we said, ‘It’s got to be God’s way and not our way.’ We didn’t want to half-step anything [or have clouded judgment]. So our right way was the way we felt God wanted us to do it, which was being celibate,” she explained. “We said to God, ‘This is who we are, I know you take us as we are, our faults, our fears, our joys, our hope as a couple and have your way.”


Article and Picture Courtesy of Hello Beautiful

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