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Former Secretary of State Colin Powell vehemently denies he had an affair with a Romanian diplomat, after hacker Guccifer threatened to release personal emails between Powell and the woman. reports that Powell and Conna Cretu met when she was an assistant to the president of Romania. At the time, Powell was serving as the Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration.

Powell released a statement to the website, that reads,”After I left the Department of State in January 2005 we stayed in touch via email. I frequently gave her advice on the prospects of finding a position with the UN or other international organizations.”

Adding, “Over time the emails became of a very personal nature, but did not result in an affair. Those types of emails ended a few years ago.” He continued writing, “There was no affair then and there is not one now. Over the past eight years I have seen Ms. Cretu once or twice when she came from Europe to attend group conferences in Washington. I have not seen her in several years, but we remain friends and are in touch.”

Powell married his wife Alma Powell in 1962. He reportedly requested that Cretu delete their email exchange, but since she did not, Guccifer posted their personal emails from 2010 and 2011.

Powell’s wife has not released a statement on the story.

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