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So TMZ has reported that Former Color Me Badd teen heart throb Bryan Abrams showed up to court using a walker and looking completely different than the way CMB fans would remember him. Now while we don’t think it’s right to speak about the obvious weight he’s gained over the years (trust us he ain’t the only one…some of us know the feeling…but we digress) we DO think it’s right to go all the way in on him for the reasons he had to show up to court in the first place! You will never believe what this guy has been up to in the last decade! To see the video, click here!

What the what? But ….what happened to all those sweet nothings he was singing into our ears? Guess that wasn’t true at all! What a total waste of teenage crushing!

According to Abrams attorney Matt Swain spoke on his behalf saying, his client has not fulfilled the terms of his probation because Abrams has been plagued by health problems over the past few years and that his client has been trying to lose weight and recently had hip surgery, which requires him to use a walker.

“But he wanted everyone to know that he’s sober, he’s trying to get his life back together right now. The health problems he’s had … have kind of derailed his life.”

Abrams reportedly used the walker in court while he was in front of the judge. However he allegedly ran up the stairs after leaving the courtroom, actually picking the walker up and carrying it up the stairs. He then reportedly picked the walker up a second time after he spotted a news photographer waiting for him to exit the courthouse.

Wow! That sounds like something straight out of a bad 80′s movie!

But what’s even better…Abrams is said to have posted a comment about his health on Twitter last week. The comment was posted five days before his court appearance and it allegedly read,

“Just wanna let you know as of today, I am walking with no cane, no limp & NO PAIN!! Oh it’s on now!”.


So much for the guy we thought we knew…let’s take one last look though!


Article Courtesy of The Urban Daily and The D.L. Hughley Show

Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

Videos Courtesy of YouTube, The Urban Daily and The D.L. Hughley Show

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