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If rock and roll is sex, lies, and videotape; Scandal is surely murder, adultery, and secrets. Last week ended with Daniel Douglas kissing the carpet while his stunned wife confesses her crime to the devil of Washington, Cyrus Beene. This week the secrets are revealed, murders are cleaned up and adulterers are still running the show. Catch the recap after the jump…

Tonight’s episode opened with a flashback leading up to Sally Langston murdering her husband as they bickered away about who was the true sinner in this life. We find out that while Sally likes to believe she did Daniel a favor by keeping his true identity hidden Daniel did his fair share of helping Sally get to where she is. Had it not been for Daniel, Sally the Shrew may have been without a man to hang onto and Mr. Douglas without the cover-up wife he so desperately needed.

Daniel goes on to tell Sally that had it not been for him she would have just been a sad woman with goals and tired of her birating he announces that he is leaving her. In a fit of rage we see Sally’s weapon of choice is a letter opener which she proceeds to thrust into the back of her husband; which is very telling of their relationship. With blood on her face she calls Cyrus to bail her out and he does just that. Calling in a special favor from his friend, Charlie of B613, he gets the VP’s crime all cleaned up. Seems like the people who Sally found herself running up against she in turn had to in her time of need. Once Mellie finds out and goes to console her, she politely in her “Mellie’ way lets her know she is now a part of the murderous, contentious family that is ruling over the White House and Washington.

The team is running in every direction trying to get the inside scoop on Mama Pope and who she really is, all but one gladiator that is. Still reeling from last week’s interrogation from Huck, Quinn finds herself standing in Command’s office ready to inject him with a deadly substance when her plan comes unhinged as he is called from his office unexpectedly. Back at the gladiator hub Olivia is questioning Huck regarding Quinn’s whereabouts and learns that he has implanted a tracking device where he took her tooth from her mouth. It’s here they locate Quinn in Wonderland but quickly the location on her lost when she dislodges the device and flushes down the toilet. Huck and Jake set off to find Quinn and Olivia’s father, hoping it will lead to more answers about who Mama Pope truly is.

Olivia and crew continue to learn that Mama Pope is not the person she seemed and are scouring the streets to find out everything there is to know about Marie Wallace. Abby’s relationship with David seems to be coming in handy lately since she turns to him anytime she needs some inside scoop from the government, this time it’s Mama Pope’s file. Turns out Liv’s mom is the original Carmen Sandiego. Dashing around the world under different aliases and fooling high ranking American officials she has been getting away with crimes for years. Using her endless deductive skill Olivia realizes the plane her mother was yanked off of was shot down because she had alluded to Rowan that there was a bomb aboard the flight. Jake and Huck also learn that during their search Rowan has been taken to the Pentagon for holding by Fitz.

Fitz was able to take Rowan hostage inside the Pentagon where he planned on holding him until the authorities were able to capture Olivia’s mother. With stoic faces they sit facing one another their anger, resentment, and love for Olivia teeming between them. Though President Grant continues to push Rowan and question him about why he used him to shoot the plane down it the monologue given to him by Olivia’s father that makes this episode worth watching. “You are a boy…” he begins as he dismantles all of Fitz’s supposed machismo after the President tries to lure him with the crude remark about him screwing his daughter.  Addressing his daddy issues, his rich boy plights and him only using Olivia as an exit strategy; Papa Pope finalizes his cuts by saying that Fitz disappoints him as a suitor for his daughter’s hand. With his face just as screwed as the way he claims he does to Liv, Fitz sits with his mouth tight and no words.

After receiving the file from David, Olivia discovers the truth about her mother and heads to the Pentagon to confront her father once and for all. Sitting in the same hot seat her beloved just occupied she asked her father about the fateful plane crash. Per usual Rowan the safeguarding secret keeper  ignores her inquiries until she stumbles upon the trigger, that he was lied to by his wife. Like she had lied to the rest of the world she lied to him and turned him into a killer. Because of her lies he killed three hundred innocent people. As he finally nods his head to affirm her questions Olivia shouts for Fitz to make sure he arrests her the moment she steps off of her plane in Hong Kong. But if we know Mama Pope we know that may be easier said than done.

Charging into OPA, Quinn thinks she’s going to get an apology from her former BFF Huck but she is in for rude awakening. All eyes are on her as she traipses through the door with tunnel vision. Yet when she demands an apology from Huck all she gets in return is a swift kick in the ass that ends in the announcement that she is no longer a Gladiator. With that she turns on her heels and back into the arms of her spy killer boo, Charlie.

Discovering Mama Pope hijacked the plane and killed all those on-board Jake comes back to assure Olivia that they will catch her eventually and he give her his one last goodbye. Telling her that he always loved her he tells her not to underestimate the President in this moment though it seems like they have lost. With a kiss that lingers he walks out ignoring her call for him to return. The time we see Jake he has taken the helm at Wonderland and Rowan walks into his office with Jake sitting comfortably in his chair doling out orders. Jake tells the former command that if he’d like a job with B613 he can take a test and then politely excuses him from the quarters. The final scene is the President telling Jake that they will indeed make a good team. Olivia’s boys are working together now.

Just when we think we’ve lost sight of Mama “Killer” Pope she telephones her daughter just to hear her voice and ever so calmly as Olivia flips out tells her, “I’ll see you soon, baby.” It is clear now that everything he thought was true is not and we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see where Shonda leads us. Be sure to tune in to Scandal’s return on February 27th of next year.

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