Imagine trying to sell tickets to a Jay Z concert on Craigslist and nearly being killed over the transaction. It does seem a bit bizarre (and believable), but a Houston man took lightly to the phrase “die-heart fans” when meeting up with 20-year old Cessica Darden and Denitra Green.

The two women responded to a Craigslist ad for eight Jay Z tickets and met the victim at a nearby Starbucks. As the man leaned into the women’s car window to show them the tickets, Darden grabbed the tickets as her accomplice, Green, tried to speed off.

The two women kept driving and even kicking the man as he remained partially inside of the car. The victim begged for the duo to stop driving before ultimately losing his grasp and falling.

Green then proceeded to run the victim over and speed off with Darden, whose baby had remained in the back seat of the car throughout the incident.

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