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Very often in the media we hear of stars getting together with other stars and it becomes a who is dating who of Hollywood. However, not very often do we hear of celebrities who wait until they are married to share that intimate bond between a man and a women.

Breathecast compiled a list of some of the world’s biggest mega stars who claim to have waited until marriage.

Comedian and View co-host Sherri Shepard said this week on the view that she and her Husband waited a long time before being intimate with one another.

“This is what happened with Sal and I from being celibate that I love, you get to talk, you get to know his friends, I got to see his relationship with his momma, his relationship with my son,” she then went on and said that a non-sexual relationship helped her eyes stay open to some of the things that would normally cloud a person’s perception due to the emotional attachments that come once a couple have sex.

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