MENTOR, OH – Car troubles are not uncommon with this kind of weather, but there are ways to avoid getting stuck with repair bills. We’re driving home the best ways to get to your destination.

“This is freezing,” said Walter Braun from Mentor. He told us his wheels have felt the effects of winter.

“(I had a) flat tire one morning, getting ready for work,” Braun explained, “getting stuck right in the driveway,” he added.  Plus, a different time his car wouldn’t turn over. “One day the battery was dead just all from (the) cold,” Braun told us.

“The biggest problem is batteries,” said Cal Gandolf, who has owned Cal’s Marathon in Mentor for nearly 40 years. He has cars lined up at his shop after the cold weather put a wrench in people’s plans.

Gandolf said that if your battery is five or six years old already, then replace it before it dies. Plus, if you leave your car outside and don’t use it for two to three days, you have to take action.

“You’re…better off to go out there start it, let it run 15 or 20 minutes, warm it up and then just shut it back off again if the car is going to sit for any more than one day at a time,” said Gandolf.

He also said you can hammer out problems with tires by simply keeping an eye on how full they are.  “Especially if they’re low on pressure because if they’re low on pressure and it gets freezing cold like this they can end up just going flat for you.  So, tire pressure is very important,” Gandolf emphasized.


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Article and Picture Courtesy of WEWS NewsChannel 5

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