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chris brown

What is going on in the LA County lockup?! According to TMZ, Chris Brown is in a special section of the jail that houses famous inmates.

Chris has allegedly been working on music with the guy in the cell next to his even though the two can not even see one another! They have reportedly been working on lyrics and harmonies for a few songs. Even some of the other inmates are said to be working on harmonizing with them…this is literally becoming the music wing of the county jail!

The neighbor is James Debarge from the legendary Debarge family aka Janet Jackson‘s first husband! Apparently that narcotic that he has been battling for most of his adult life pulled him back into old habits. And now he and Chris Brown are creating songs together in jail.

In the words of Robin Harris, “Small World” huh?!

We’re interested to see if Breezy continues to know and work with James on the other side of the bars….guess “Time Will Reveal”!




Article and Picture Courtesy of The Urban Daily

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