R&B and Neo Soul artist Chrisette Michele shocked the world when we learned that the classy lady would be joining the cast of ‘R&B Divas: LA’. Especially when reality shows are often linked to former stars and an almost undeniable amount of drama.

So why take part in a franchise that’s known for anything but the positive music she’s known for?

“I wanted you guys to get to know me. I’ve only been seen through lyrics and a tour bus. This is the first time you’ll see me talk to people,” Michele said.

Whenever you’re linked to a group of women and being forced to co-exist over a six week period of time can prove difficult for anyone, and Chrisette was no different.

“Being still was really a challenge for me. And being with six people was a challenge to. Mentally I had to become sisters with five people. It was really a challenge to get into a black woman’s mind,” she says.

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