Even though it’s been a downpour for the comedienne and co-host of “The View” Sherri Shepherd (pictured), the sun has just peeked out for her: Despite all the divorce woes she has been going through with husband No. 2, Lamar Salley, she has won her custody court battle against first hubby Jeffrey Tarpley (pictured below) over their 9-year-old son, according to TMZ.

The petite sometimes-actress has allegedly been going through the wringer with Tarpley over their special needs son, Jeffrey Jr. (pictured below). Tarpley blasted Shepherd publicly, labeling her an “unfit Mother” due to Shepherd’s hectic talk show duties and petitioned the court for full custody of their son. Tarpley has also blamed his ex for their son’s inability to read or write at his grade level and tie his shoes. The fuming Dad even alleged that his son has hygiene issues because of Shepherd’s neglect and claims Shepherd leaves Jeffrey Jr. with “unskilled nannies,” which have supposedly caused self-esteem issues.

Shepherd, who was married to Tarpley for eight years and exited the union back in 2009 when she discovered he had allegedly been cheating on her, claimed in the custody court proceedings that Tarpley is actually the deadbeat Dad.

Meanwhile, Shepherd is in the throes of yet another nasty divorce and is also reportedly fighting Salley for custody of their unborn child via a surrogate. Salley and Shepherd, who were wedded for nearly three years, filed for divorce in May and the couple’s nightmarish split has been fodder for the tabloids ever since.

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